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Black Friday Ecommerce Checklist: 13 Steps to Crush Last Year's Revenue

Black November is here! I hope you all crush your revenue goals this month.

Here’s my Black Friday eCommerce checklist to help prepare:

✅ Save fresh ads for later in the month (avoid creative fatigue).

✅ Make sure “sale price” is showing in all of your data feeds.

✅ Stagger your promotions to promote scarcity.

✅ Add a countdown timer to key landing pages.

✅ Open discounts to your most valuable customers first.

✅ Offer bundles to increase order values.

✅ Launch your ads early (approvals can take longer this month).

✅ Send a genuine thank you to your customers/clients.

✅ Promote early gifting by communicating shipping cutoffs.

✅ Offer extended holiday returns to reduce hesitation.

✅ Comb through your conversion funnel for bugs.

✅ Test all web browsers (don’t forget in-app Safari).

✅ Engage previous purchasers with cross & up-sells.

Thanks for tunning in for another growth marketing read! Best of luck with your sales this month. Reach out if you have any questions along the way.

Happy testing!

Rory Beaupré


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